Getting married overseas, especially in a Common Law jurisdiction such as Hong Kong, raises questions: Which matrimonial regime? Which rules for the division of assets? Which jurisdiction in case of divorce or death? Our firm helps clients in the analysis and implementation of their choices.

Common Law prenuptial agreements and French “contrat de mariage” derive from legal backgrounds which stand a world apart from each other. Depending on your personal circumstances and that of you fiancé(e), the signature of one or the other may be advisable and can be arranged with a notary in France or a solicitor in Hong Kong.

We are also able to introduce you to one of the firm's civil celebrant for the civil celebration of your marriage in Hong Kong.


French nationals living in Hong Kong and considering marriage.

Cases illustrations

  • Legal opinion in comparative law - France and Hong Kong: about the financial consequences in case of divorce
  • Presentation of the main features of the French “contrat de marriage” and the Common Law prenuptial agreement and advice on the most suitable option considering the circumstances of each case