For French nationals living in Hong Kong, the hurdles of any divorce are heightened by the lack of familiarity with the legal background, the difficulty (real or perceived) of the procedure and the distance.

Fongs’ International Practice will assist you in each step of your preliminary considerations and actions including:

- identifying the competent jurisdiction(s);

- identifyung which law applies to the financial consequences of the divorce and to the organisation of the family life for the children;

-  choice of a lawyer in France or a solicitor in Hong Kong;

- supporting your lawyer in France regarding questions about the Hong Kong jurisdiction or your solicitor in Hong Kong regarding French law questions (sharing of assets in France for instance).

Whichever jurisdiction you chose for your divorce, it is strongly advised to appoint a professional with personal knowledge of the specific issues related to French nationals living outside Europe, such as the dependent spouse's visa situation, the cost of living in Hong Kong, and the choice of place to live for the separated spouse and children during and after the procedure.


French nationals living in Hong Kong and considering divorce.

Cases illustrations

  • Assisting a Hong Kong solicitor for a divorce procedure in Hong Kong, with a number of French elements
  • Presentation of the main features of the divorce procedures France and in Hong Kong and advice on the most suitable option considering the circumstances of each case